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Participants can come for one or more days and stay at the house free of charge. Breakfast and evening meal are provided at the house. This is a list of the houses we will use during the International Shooting Days.

Les participants peuvent venir pour un ou plusieurs jours et loger gratuitement sur place. Le déjeuner et le souper sont pris à la maison. Voici une liste des maisons utilisées pendant les Shooting Days Internationaux.

De deelnemers kunnen voor één of meerdere dagen komen en ter plaatse logeren zonder kosten. Ontbijt en avondmaal worden in het huis voorzien. Dit is een lijst van de huizen die tijdens de shooting days gebruikt zullen worden.

Villa Mosa, Huy

Private parking at the house, railroad station at 300m (Bas Oha), shopping center nearby

Le relais de la poste,
Comblain la Tour

Parking at the house, railroad station at 200m (Comblain la Tour), shopping center in the next village

Ordensburg Vogelsang,
Germany (Aachen)

There is a bus stopping at Ordenburg Vogelsang, but it's recommended to come by car (ask a photographer to pick you up). Meeting place is at the house or at Malakoff.

Get in touch to participate in one of our Shooting Days. The available places are limited.

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