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Practical information
concerning the Shooting Days

We rent a big house for the Shooting Days and it's possible to stay for the night free of charge. This is important, so we can work with international models and photographers and we don't loose time. You don't need to stay during all the shooting days, you can come and leave as you please.

Please contact us to register your stay. The available places are limited and we need to be sure that the persons who register will come to the event. Don't register if you re not sure to participate.

Staying at the house

You will need to bring your own toiletry kit (towels, washcloth, soap, toothbrush, ...) and a pillow case. These are individual rooms, not a hotel.

Arrival is before 10.00h or after 18.00h (we are on location during the day). Arriving on the first day of shootings is after 16.00h. Arrival at Vogelsang is possible during the whole day, meeting place is Malakoff (see Vogelsang event).

Meals are provided between 08.00 and 10.00h (breakfast), possibility to make a packed lunch. Evening meal after the shooting, starting around 18.00h


The fotoshoots will take place at the house and on different nearby locations. Outside shootings start late in the morning (11h on location) with a break halfway. Water will be provided.

The planning for the days and the locations can be found at the corresponding event.

Bring your hair wax or hair gel if you need it. Don't put it on before, but at the shooting.

Don't use a suitcase on location, put your stuff in a backpack when we go shooting. A backpack is also a great attribute for the shootings.

Using a backpack as accessory


Don't use loose clothing but tight fitting ones.


Other recommended clothing and accessories (free to choose): On each event we wil go to a urbex location (urban exploration). Best clothes on these locations are tough looking clothes. Don't use loose, oversized clothes but tight fitting clothes.

Each day, we'll try to work around a specific theme. No need to buy specific clothes, but if you have some, bring them with you.

House rules:

A photo studio will be set up in one of the rooms

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Urbex shooting in Spontin